Why do you need a website?

Do you want to improve your opportunity for success for your business?

Whether you have an existing business, or are looking to start one, a website is a crucial tool that has to be part of your business.

Think about your own experience. If you want to buy something from a company, what do you do? A high probability would be that you would go online and visit the website of the company that you are looking to do a transaction with. After that, you would probably also visit their social media site such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

What if that business does not have a website? You would likely immediately write them off and never do business with them ever. Or worst, what if you go online and found their website and it is crummy, disorganized and poorly designed? You would have a negative impression of them and which would also result in you avoiding that company, am I right?

Now, why would that be different for your business? A great website helps you to communicate to your customer in ways that you are not able to. It also lets potential clients access to your company information and the products and services that you offer 24 hours a day. It if your permanent sales staff that is working around the clock to convert leads into potential business for you.

Let’s say you are looking to start a new business. Your business is unknown, new and there is generally lack of information that can help customer know you and your products and services better. If customer don’t feel comfortable with you, or don’t know enough about you, their default response is to go to your better known competitors even if it cost more. This is only natural and logical.

If you want to give your business the best chance and opportunity of succeeding, the first place to start with in this digital marketing age is always with your online presence. Having a great looking, functional, well designed professional website that reflects the personality and taste of your business helps to create the first impression that is a crucial factor to influence prospects in identifying with you and potentially buy from you. You can even create an e-commerce website so that you can sell directly to your customers through your website complete with online payment solutions.

Create your own money list.

Let’s say a prospect had visited your shop or website, but have not bought anything before. However, they have subscribed to your newsletter by giving you their email and contact information.

This allows your to build your own customer or prospect list that has always shown interest towards your products and services in the past. Thereafter, you can begin to structure a sequential marketing campaign to convert that prospect into a buying customer by sending them a series of letters, offers, deals or promotion to induce them to return again.

As the saying goes, the money is in the list. So, how can you build your own list of customer database?

Firstly, we always recommend that our clients have a system to capture leads in their business whether it is through feedback form in the restaurants, suggestion box placed around the shops, having contest or games, lucky draw, and any other kind of activities where you induce prospects and customers to give you their contact information willingly.

Secondly, and this is often overlook, using your website to capture visitors to your website can help to build this list too. Take The Ultimate Webmaster‘s homepage for an example. When you scroll down in our website, you will be given a good deal and also a free gift in exchange for you to give us your contact information. Once we have your contact details in our database, we can systematically market products and services to you continually until you op-out of the list. So, if we provide you with good value, good offers and do not spam your email, you will likely stay subscribed to our updates which gives us the opportunity to market to you over and over again.

So in conclusion, a well designed website should definitely be part of your business tool. Without a website to support your business, it is akin to you having only one arm. Which of your arm is more important? Your left arm or your right arm? Could it be that both of your arms are equally important?

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