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Common Features Among Top Web Design Company Websites

Some websites attract visitors more and more everyday while others are not too impressive. If you are planning to get a website for your company or to revamp your website, you should guide yourself with the common qualities among top web design company websites. You should ensure your website also has all the features. Here are the qualities common with top web design company websites.


Although the number of people who access the internet through mobile devices keeps growing and the trend will not change anytime soon. In fact, about 93 percent of internet users access it via their mobile devices now. This is why top web design company websites are always mobile-friendly.

So, you should ensure your own website is also mobile-friendly. Here are some ideas. You should disable popups and other ads. Ads are more bearable on PCs because they take a negligible amount of screen space but they are often annoying and frustrating on smartphones and mobile devices because they consume a good amount of screen space so they are distracting. Don’t assume that every visitor knows how to disable ads and popups themselves.

You should also reduce your registration form. It is more difficult to type on mobile devices than on PCs. Remove unnecessary fields. You can either ask for a middle initial instead of a middle name or remove the field completely.

Fast loading

Ideal websites usually load very fast. So you should ensure that your website loads very fast. A good way to achieve this is to reduce the amount of heavy pictures and videos that are uploaded on your website. Too many heavy files have a way of slowing down a website.

In addition, you should ensure that your website is highly responsive. It is also very important. People are naturally impatient. Besides, your website is your first point of contact so most of your prospective customers will evaluate your brand with the quality of your website.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

Although it is important to be unique, the uniqueness of your website should have a limit. In fact, uniqueness should end with the content and not the general layout. For instance, even a kid knows that the icon that represents search function is a magnifying glass and the one that represents the delete/discard function is trash bin. If you change such icons, you will make it a little bit difficult for visitors to navigate through your site and they may not come back because of that.

In other words, simplicity matters when designing your website. Make it as intuitive as possible. Don’t choke it up with irrelevant buttons and functions. You will end up discouraging your visitors.

Interesting content

The content of your website is also important. While the layout of your website is very important, you should remember that visitors didn’t visit it for sightseeing. They came for information. So your content must be as informative as possible.

In conclusion, if you can follow the tips above, your website will keep attracting visitors that can be converted to sales leads.

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