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Why Your It Web Design Company Should Use WordPress Platform

When you need a good IT web design company, it is better to go for an IT web design company that develops websites on WordPress. Every experienced IT web design company understands that WordPress offers the following features.

It offers simplicity

With other development platforms, you will need to have technical knowledge to be able to use them. WordPress does not require any basic web development knowledge and it does not require any programming knowledge. This is why it is very easy to use. WordPress does not require the knowledge of programming languages like HTML, PHP and others. So, WordPress is very easy to setup, update and manage.

Anybody can manage it

The only constant thing in life is change. So, you will need to keep changing things like theme and background color of your website. You will also need to be removing old pages and adding new ones. You will also need to keep changing the content of each webpage as that is the most important part of a website. With other popular web development platforms, you will need to hire web development specialists to keep doing the management for you and it won’t be for free. But with WordPress, any of your staff can handle it.

WordPress has so many plugins

WordPress offers a whole lot of plugins. This means that for every new function on your website, you just need to install the relevant plugin. You don’t need to write any single line of codes. This is a big advantage because writing new set of codes is the most difficult part of web development. Once code writing is off, then web development becomes easy.

Web Hosting

Having a website is half of the work, hosting the website is the other part. After developing a website, it is important to showcase it to the public through web hosting. For beginners, the simplest definition of web hosting is an arrangement where people’s websites are stored and maintained. Web host refers to the company that leases out their servers to store your website. The storing and maintenance of your website is known as hosting. Web hosting is not just about storing and maintaining websites, it also includes providing internet connectivity to websites so that other computers can have access to some files on your website.

This is how it works, the web host stores your website and also provides internet connectivity for a monthly fee. There are different plans of web hosting and each plan comes with different charges depending on the privileges attached to each plan.

Only 4 major types of hosting are available – virtual Private Server, dedicated hosting, shared hosting, and Cloud hosting. Although they all provide storage for sites and also provide uninterrupted internet connection, they have several differences and these differences are in allocated bandwidth, storage capacity, control, server speed, and reliability.

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